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Catalog of Common Greek and Turkish words, expressions and proverbs

Herkül Millas

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Presenting nearly 6,000 common words, proverbs that are expressions of thought/statement, and idioms that allow figurative meanings in Turkish and Greek, this list-book has been a useful resource for students when Hercules Millas was teaching Greek in Ankara and Turkish in Rhodes. Those who tried to learn the “other” language soon made significant progress because all they had to do was discovering commonalities.

The existence of thousands of common words reminds us the common values people share while living in a large geography. Every word, expression and saying that is discovered in this book, will bring us a little closer to our common cultural richness and show that our daily lives, practices and ways of perceiving events and feelings are common and similar.

This list-book is a reference book for those who learn Turkish or Greek, those who want to have a little more command of the language during their touristic visits, those who seek the sounds from their childhood, and those who are interested in inter-language transitivity.