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Encountering the Mystery

Ekümenik Patrik Hazretleri I. Bartholomeos

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His Holiness the Patriarch Bartholomew I is a symbol of the unity of the Orthodox Churches spread over the world. He is particularly known for his struggle to protect nature – which earned him the title “Green Patriarch” – and for promoting dialogue with Christian sects, the Islamic world and other religious groups. Written with sincerity and deep knowledge, and being the first book of His Holiness the Patriarch in Turkish, Encountering the Mystery illuminates the rich culture of Orthodox Christianity. His Holiness the Patriarch has been declaring and explaining Orthodox spirituality, theology, doctrine, worship and art with the traces he has followed in two thousand years of its history. And above all, it offers a view of current debates such as ecological crisis, globalization, poverty, inequality, social justice, racism, nationalism and war through Orthodox Christianity. Encountering the Mystery is a text that will inspire those who consider faith and worship integral to today’s world.