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Greek Noir

Edited by: Vasilis Danellis, Damla Demirözü

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Greek thriller, the first example of which can be dated back to 1913, has witnessed all the historical turning points of the country. There are important names in the world of politics, academics and successful translators among the authors of detective stories published, especially since the 1990s. These literary works, written with a critical point of view, deal with the political and social issues, which were considered taboo in Greek literature until then, such as the economic and moral crisis of the institutions and the effort of the government to command the media. Thus, the works of Greek detective novel writers were translated into many languages and took their place in the world detective literature. However, unfortunately, Turkish readers and readers from Turkey did not have the chance to meet these authors.

By presenting 11 stories exclusively written for Turkish readers by 11 contemporary Greek detective writers and being published in Turkish for the first time in the world, the “Greek Noir” selection aspires to open the doors of Greek detective literature and the crime world of Greek literature a little for Turkish readers.

With the stories by Ieronimos LYKARIS, Tefkros MICHAILIDIS, Marilena POLITOPOULOU, Kostas KALFOPOULOS, Hilda PAPADIMITRIOU, Thanos DRAGOUMIS, Andreas APOSTOLIDIS, Kostas MOUZOURAKIS, Filippos FILIPPOU, Vassilis DANELLIS ve Neoklis GALANOPOULOS, we welcome you to the world of Greek detective literature as a gateway to mystery, crime, punishment, social testimony and memory!