ISBN: 9786054937967 | | 115 σελίδα, 24x16 cm. | , ,

Iliad Odyssey Aeneid Illustrated

Translated by: Hasan Özgür Tuna

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Homer’s legendary Trojan War, which took place in the Anatolian geography, and its heroes; his Iliad and Odyssey, that passed them on to future generations thousands of years later on; and Virgil’s Aeneis, which tells the wicked fate of the exiled Trojans, are all together in ILLIAD ODYSSEY AENEID ILLUSTRATED. This comic book is a pleasant adventure for children and teenagers, as well as an introduction to the legend for adults.

“The deadly struggle of Hector and Achilles, the dangers Odysseus faced to reach his hometown Ithaca, the dangers Aeneas endured to find a new home for the people of Troia, and the conflicts of the mythological Hellenic gods are described in classical illustrations.”

This book has been prepared in cooperation with istos publishing and Heyamola.