istos Music Workshop

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The workshop will present a repertoire consisted of a various range of greek music genres, for example rebetiko, greek traditional music and the Anatolian Rum music tradition.
In the framework of the workshop, which will be conducted by Fotini Kokkala, you will be given information about the repertoire and introduced to different song genres, styles and basic shapes.
If you want to attend the workshop it isn’t necessary to speak Greek or to be a musician. Anyone interested in Greek music can participate.
The first workshop will begin on October 2nd and it will take place at Istos office every Monday at 18:00-19:30. We will have 4 classes every month and for every month the registrations will be renewed. In case of a problem or a cancellation we will gladly make up for the missed class. If someone doesn’t attend a class we can send them the recording of the session.
The monthly fare is 700 TL, VAT included.
In order for the workshop to open we need at least 10 participants.
In case someone isn’t able to attend a class the price will not be given back.