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Let’s Move On To Greek A1&A2

Christina Tegou, Vasilis Danellis, Giorgos Katsanos

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A guidebook for teachers and students (young and adult) who want to improve their speaking and writing skills while learning Greek as a second or foreign language. It is developed for the first two levels of Greek language education, A1 (beginner) and A2 (basic) and around topics in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) standards.

This book can be used a) as a support material during practical work in the classroom, b) for preparation for the Greek language certification exams, and c) by students independently to improve their language communication at a personal, social and professional level.

The goals for students are,

To grasp the words learned in each thematic unit,
To enrich their vocabulary in verbal communication in order to use it in the most effective way depending on the communication environment,
To create written responses to different texts in different written communication situations,
Developing their oral and written expressions on the broad topics presented by the book.
To have the language skills necessary to produce a natural and coherent oral and written expression.

«Πάμε λοιπόν στα ελληνικά» consists of 18 units:

18 thematic topics and their vocabulary
90 photos (18 of which are annotated)
144 discussion questions (18 of which contain four sub-questions for students to plan the flow of the discussion)
54 role-playing games (18 of which are illustrated)
18 tips for more natural and fluent speech
18 group conversations
18 word games for groups
90 topics to improve writing skills (18 of them have text structure, the other 18 are developed and annotated)