ISBN: 978-605-4640-85-0 | Türkçe | 304 σελίδα, 13.5x21 cm. | ,

Home-Sanjak of Alexandretta

Talin Azar

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In 1934, the fate of the Maliks, one of the leading families of Arsuz, changes forever when the plane of the famous French pilot Maryse Hilsz crashes right in the middle of their lives…
‘EV’ (Home) is a gripping novel in which the future of a city and a family are intertwined on the brink of the Second World War, in the midst of a painful transformation in which the Iskenderun Sanjak becomes Hatay and old political and social identities are rapidly losing their validity. Talin Azar tells the story of a well-established household floundering between preserving the status quo and changing, between loyalty and freedom, at a time when strong political winds are blowing across a vast geography stretching from Paris to Beirut. Overshadowed by anxieties of identity and belonging, the Malik house’s residents’ expectations for the future and for each other, gradually evolve into a disintegration, blurring the boundaries between reality and fiction.

… we want nothing more than to live here in peace. Every change of order shakes those in that order. It disturbs their peace. These are our memories. This is the air we have smelled since childhood, the water we have drunk. This is the home we trust. If I have to leave here one day, it can only be for love. An indispensable love!