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Our Current Struggle is For All These

Yorgis Eksarhos

Translated by: Stavros Yolcoglu

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The paths of two impressive women from the Polytechnic generation defying the junta, a plainclothes policeman who grew up in an orphanage, an Italian activist without borders, a bookstore keeping the pulse of street politics, the daughter of a general who lived all her life in her father’s shadow, a member of the high court, a clergyman in seclusion in a monastery, a chemist who is highly demanded by multinational companies, an editor-in-chief who has reached the top of the male-dominated publishing system, and a CIA agent stationed in Europe cross in S.E.L.A.N.A.

“The path that makes us who we are is long!”… From Athens to Paris in 68, from London as an academic meeting point to the revolutionary cells of Rome, from Sofia, home to exiled Greek communists, to the cradle of the peoples, the Balkans reeking gunpowder, from Kütahya with a family heirloom diary that witnessed the ‘Asia Minor Disaster’ to Izmir… Guided by real people and events from Greek history, from the first half of the 1800s to the late 1970s…

Beyond fiction, fact, story, rumor, revenge, betrayal, lust, fate and stealing fire, S.E.L.A.N.A. is the novel of ordinary people’s ‘small’ actions!