ISBN: 978-605-4640-88-1 | Türkçe | 104 σελίδα, 12x19.5 cm. | ,

The Greek Vampire Goes East: Vampirism, Irredentism, and Language Politics in a Karamanli-Turkish Translation of Aristotelis Valaoritis’ “Thanasis Vayas”

William Stroebel

Translated by: Akın Emre Pilgir

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In the book you hold in your hands, William Stroebel is investigating the relationship between the vampire’s image and expansionist nationalism through Aristotelis Valaoritis’ poem -who was one of the ideologue of the Great Idea, national poet and politician- in which Thanasis Vayas -one of the commandants of Tepedelenli Ali Pasa, who slaughtered the village Gardik- turns into a vampire, as well as the translation of this poem in Karamanli Turkish.
The study that also includes the Turkish translation of the poem, focuses on the mobilisation of vampirism as a metaphor about nationalism.