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The Rest

Kostas Tahçis

Translated by: Esra Özsüer

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With his literature inspired from seemingly insignificant daily events and clearly conveying petty-bourgeois passions to the reader as he tumbles between lyricism and simple realism, Poet and storyteller Kostas Tahçis (1927-1988) is a literary figure who is still discussed in Greece with his depiction of his travels between countries and professions, life and sexual identity, defense and argument style, and his unsolved murder.

The Rest is not just a collection of stories, it is almost a theater play wandering around the borders of autobiography and story, it is an attempt on imagining more than one self. From one story to the next, Tahçis records the growth stages of a single hero (himself) composed of different selves, until he reaches the identity of the author at the end of the book.

The author argues that his failure to adapt to social norms and requirements creates a body of facts that both form and shape his sexual identity.