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Yearbook of the Greeks of Istanbul 2013

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The Greek Yearbook 2013, also known as Romeiko Imerologio, which is a collective evaluation of the Greek community’s activities in the last year, is about the Greeks living in Istanbul or outside of Istanbul, it was written by them, and is a dedication to these people. Greek Yearbook 2013 aims to continue the tradition created by Imerologion tis Anatolis (Anatolian Yearbook), published in Istanbul in 1879, following the Ethnikon Imerologion (National Yearbook), which was first published in Paris in 1865 successfully inscribing the collective memory of the Greek community on paper, yearbooks of the National Philanthropy Societies, and the famous Zervopulos yearbooks, which survived until the first half of the 20th Century.

In addition to various academic texts on the Greek community, demographic information, social events, literary and historical texts, in this comprehensive compilation of more than 400 pages, coordinated by Yorgo Benlisoy and edited by Niki Hristopoulou and Fivos Nomikos and published by istos, it is possible to find news from Greek schools, a small dictionary of Istanbul Greek and a comprehensive list of the boards of directors of Greek foundations. The Greek Yearbook 2013 was presented to the Greek-speaking reader this year, with the intention of reviving a publishing tradition that has sprouted in these lands. We hope that it will be published in bilingual form in the coming years…